This policy covers the carriage of goods from on location/site to another. It is usual for the policy to be issued on one of the following basis: –

(a)     All – Risk – Basis

When issued on this basis, the policy gives cover to all risks of loss or damage to specified property of the issued whilst in transit including loading and unloading by specific means within Nigeria. Different limits will be applied to various methods of conveying the goods and for attractive goods. If conveyance is on insured vehicles, the policy will be subject to agreed protection both to prevent the load being driven away.

  • Restricted Cover Basis

This covers loss or damage to the property conveyed only if the conveying vehicle is involved in an accident, which makes the all risks cover obviously the best.


It is important to note that the policy will normally have an excess (a deductible in the event of a claim) and that average will apply following a loss if it is found that the value of a load or consignment exceeds the limit shown in the policy

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